Building manager

Building manager

Co-ownership demands clear obligations and well planned and structured action from your property management company (syndic).
CENTURY 21 Lafage transactions offers to you, Co-owner, the whole range of personalized service accompanied by clear obligations.

Planned visits. Your agency CENTURY 21 Lafage Transactions informs you of the dates of visits in your building. This is a means of communicating your observations and asking your questions on-site.
Being close to you is a real preoccupation of the agency CENTURY 21 Lafage Transactions.

Continued education of the team members. How can your residence building be effectively managed without informing you of the latest updates? Your team CENTURY 21 Lafage transaction seducates itself regularly in order to better satisfy your needs and answer your questions.
Regular modifications of the legislation demand organizing regular update of the knowledge possessed.
Highly qualified suppliers. The suppliers doing work in your residence building undergo thorough selection. They are also  guarantors of the durability of your property. All their actions are carefully followed up and any works are recorded in the work order.

Transparent invoicing. Your team CENTURY 21 Lafage transactions organizes its know-how in a way to make is actions as transparent as possible. The documents presentation is part of it. You team sees to that that the documents you receive are understandable and ready to use.

Exclusive service for the clients of CENTURY 21 Lafage transactions. In some co-ownerships, if they wish and for the sale realized, the team of the agency CENTURY 21 Lafage transactions organizes a meeting between the new co-owner, the Chairman of the Co-ownership management committee and the consultant who followed the transaction. Such a meeting is the best way to be rapidly informed of the regulations of the residence building and meeting the Chairman before the next assembly.
Having co-ownership managed
The evolution of the legislation has made the co-owners choose a professional for managing the property. But for what type and level of service? Can we hope that the manager of our interests will still be there for us tomorrow?
Two types of management organization exist today :
CENTURY 21 Lafage transactions has made its choice in favor of personalized management to best satisfy the clients’ needs and  respond to the peculiarities of the residence building.

Our brand is also a solid guarantee of high quality, being No.1 real estate brand in France and combing the power of the network with perfect knowledge of the local market. It is also a guarantee of a partner always available and a director capable of taking quick and accurate decisions.
We exist to best serve your needs and we do it with great pleasure. 
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