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Fitted Rental : a good way to become a lessor

Fitted Rental : a good way to become a lessor

You rent out without too many limitations
When you choose furnished renting out, you are not liable for taxation regime of the law of July, 6 1989, but you should, however, observe a number of rules.
If the lodging is principal residence of the renter, the contract should be for at least a year, prolongated by silent consent, except when you rent out to a student – in this case the duration is limited to 9 months (without prolongation by silent consent).
Your renter can terminate the contract at any time, provided that he notifies you one month in advance.
As for you, you should notify of your decision to terminate rent at least three months before the contract expires, and only for one of the following reasons : you need the lodging for yourself, you sell or there is a serious violation (deterioration, payments due).
You benefit from attractive tax regime
You are not, as in case with unfurnished renting out, subject to housing income regime, but to that of Industrial and Commercial Benefit (BIC). The fiscality of your income depends only on your status. In fact, in terms of BIC, there is a status of furnished rent out professional (LMP) and status of non-professional renter of furnished premises (LMNP).
To access LMP status, you should fulfill multiple conditions.  You should sign up on trade registry (RCS). Your income from renting out should exceed 23 000 euros and exceed income from your any other activity.
On the contrary, you benefit from LMNP status if your income does not exceed 23 000 and if it does not exceed other income from household activity.
In both cases, you can declare your revenue either under micro Bic regime, either under the real regime and thus deduct all your utilities as well as depreciation of property.

Source : Tout sur l’immo, février 2012, Christine Lambert ©2012 Bazik Press

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