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Century 21 Lafage Transactions group has been based on the Côte d'Azur for more than thirty years.  Throughout this time, owing to our skills, our seriousness and our rigour we have established close and lasting relationships with our clients. We offer you professional advice and made-to-measure service.

In 1996 agency Lafage Transactions joined Century21 network, world’s leading network of real estate agencies comprising more than 915 agencies and 7 200 people in our country. Century 21 Lafage Transactions group is regularly one of the top 3 agencies of the network in France, which is assured by fidelity of its clients.
Our team consists of more than 30 permanent employees to satisfy the needs and demands of those looking for property.  Our agents manage all aspects of real estate: dwelling houses and commercial premises transactions, new property market, rentals and condominiums management, long-term and seasonal rentals.  They attend language courses: English, Russian, Italian and have legal and tax education. Their multiple competences are your best asset.

10 Real Estate

Century 21 Lafage Transactions offers 8 agencies
between the Port of Nice and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Find your Agency  
Nice Mont-Boron:
2 Boulevard Maurice Maeterlinck
06300 Nice
04 92 00 82 82
Promenade des Anglais:
25 promenade des Anglais
06000 Nice
04 83 66 66 66
Nice Mont Boron Gestion:
4-6 Boulevard Maurice Maeterlinck
06300 Nice
04 93 07 16 16
Nice Port:
1 rue Bonaparte
06300 Nice
04 93 56 60 60
Villefranche Sur Mer:
13 Avenue Sadi Carnot
06230 Villefranche Sur Mer
04 93 04 00 40
Beaulieu Sur Mer:
6 Boulevard Maréchal Foch
06310 Beaulieu Sur Mer
04 92 26 10 00
Nice Commerces:
12 Quai Papacino
06300 Nice
04 92 04 06 00
Nice Corvesy le Carré d'Or:
6, rue Alexandre Mari
06300 Nice
04 92 00 06 00
Nice Cimiez:
06000 Nice
04 23 32 38 38
Our objective : provide our clients with :
- A presentation of selected properties
- Bank, tax and legal aid
- Contacts with the best architects and building contractors
- Property management
But our most important objective is to build up a relationship of trust and respect for the real needs of our clients.
Our company makes part of the economic picture of the region and is also engaged in social activities. For many years now, sponsorship is our very important, but less known, activity area.
Thus, Century 21 Lafage Transactions is partner of the National Theatre of Nice (Théâtre National de Nice) in the Club of 35 and partner of the Riviera Opera Festival (Festival d’opéra Les Azuriales) in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. In Fine Arts, we are partner of Salon Franchement Art in Villefranche-sur Mer, we support sculptor Julien Gudea and artist Gilbert Pedinielli, we invite buyers to auctions that artists organize for humanitarian purposes, such as bone marrow donorship.

This year, we will support theatrical marathon (Théléthon).
In partnership with Sports club of Christophe Pinna (Club sportif de Christophe Pinna) and Tennis  Club of Michel Borfiga  in Nice, Cabinet Lafage Transactions will also co-organise, with Club du Cavigal of Nice, running competition of Mont Boron and support sportsmen like Romain Cadière, a high-level triathlete. Finally, we support local associations like Les grains de Moutarde in Villefranche and national associations like La ligue contre le Cancer.

Our diversified activity shows our interest and involvement in everyday life of the region.
Offering its sponsorship support Century 21 Lafage Transactions goes beyond its economic specifics to stay open to the world around. Sport, theatre, opera, fine arts, humanitarian activities are the areas that we have the honor and pleasure to support.


Benjamin Mondou

Directeur Général



History Century 21
Lafage Transactions
Découvrez l’histoire de ce groupe présent depuis plus de 30 ans sur la french riviera devenu au fil des ans une véritable référence.

Le groupe Century 21 Lafage transactions c’est...
-10 agences immobilières de Nice à Beaulieu-sur-Mer
-6collaborateurs formés et polyglottes
-tous les métiers de l’immobilier proposés
-plus de 400 projets concrétisés en 2018
-un service client de qualité au cœur de la politique du groupe
-une présence sur tous les supports de diffusion (internet, journaux, affichage dans la cité...)
Originally a small real estate agency in Nice, located on the heights of the port of Nice, managed by the historical creator Dominique Lafage.
Benjamin Mondou then studied in Nice and passed his Brevet d'Etude Supérieure at the Esicad Institute. In order to finance his school, he works part-time in a Mac Donald's restaurant. Brilliant element, he was offered the management of a restaurant as soon as he graduated. He hesitates, starts an internship in a real estate agency for the summer period, in the Mont Boron district at Cabinet Lafage Transactions.
The sense of commerce pegged to the body, a special relationship was established between Mr Lafage and the young Benjamin. Dominique Lafage, took him under his wing, taught him the trade. With Jane Erena, then partner, they trained him, trusted him. At the same time, this young negotiator, who is studying several courses, is graduating with diplomas specialising in real estate, law and perfecting his languages. It was very quickly, and naturally that he began to establish himself in the real estate industry.
Shortly after Benjamin's entry, Lafage decided to join the Century 21 network.
It is under this franchise that Benjamin gradually began to establish himself in the field as well as within the agency.
He quickly won several distinctions within the network, centurions*, then mega centurions** and now holds the top spot on the podium of the best century 21 advisors in France every year.
He then became a manager before gradually acquiring the shares of the various partners and became the sole shareholder over time.
In 2007, he decided to open a second branch in Beaulieu sur Mer, which was a turning point in his career!
In 2008, he moved his Mont Boron branch to the 1st place of century 21 agencies in France.
On the strength of this positive experience, this company manager opened a third branch in Villefranche sur Mer in 2009.
With the renovation of the Garibaldi square in the port district, he opened his 4th branch in this famous square in Nice in 2011. 
The real estate market, and especially the economy, evolved, Benjamin, decided to launch into new real estate fields. It opens a department dedicated to commercial real estate, another for the rental of furnished properties in 2012.
In 2016 he moved into premises near Place Masséna in order to satisfy the demand of all his customers attracted by the prestigious Golden Square district of Nice.
And since 2008, his Mont Boron agency has not left the podium!
In 2018, the Lafage group joined forces with the Horeca Paris group to open an agency of more than 100m² dedicated exclusively to commercial real estate in the Port of Nice. This association between Paris' leading commercial real estate group and knowledge of the local market has been a real success from the very beginning.
Finally, in 2018, in parallel, in order to complete its service offers, the Lafage Transactions group created a department specialized in life annuity sales. Here again, as soon as it was launched, the service was a real success with investors.
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