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For those whose net taxable assets exceed 1,3 M€ as of 1st of January 2012, and who are su[...]
Make the right choice of insurance for your real property loan!
Key words: borrower ins[...]
An amendment adopted by the parliament on July 31st intensifies taxation of real estate r[...]
The notion of "tax domicile" is profoundly different from that of the nationality of a per[...]
When you sell your home, the tax service collects tax on the capital gain that you realize[...]
Ownership transfer costs

Bridging loan: Purchasing a property before completing the sale of the existing property
The notion of “Tax Domicil” is profoundly different from that of the nationality of a pers[...]
Vous êtes un tout nouveau copropriétaire et, pour la première fois, vous êtes confronté à [...]
Buying a property and renting it out furnished sounds interesting for you? You are right a[...]
La loi de finances pour 2013 créé un nouveau dispositif d’investissement locatif dit « Duf[...]
Cela signifie que le juge estimera que les lieux ont été mis à disposition en bon état. A [...]

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