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Buying a property and renting it out furnished sounds interesting for you? You are right a[...]
There are three manners to calculate the profitability of a real estate investment, we exp[...]
Summary of obligatory diagnostic surveys "Transaction"

Keywords: asbestos, Carrez l[...]
The notion of “Tax Domicil” is profoundly different from that of the nationality of a pers[...]
Vous vous apprêtez à acheter un bien immobilier ? Savez-vous que vous devez payer en plus [...]

The termination of a lease has to respect certain often-underestimated imperative lega[...]
We wanted to inform you about the change planned regarding capital gain which has to inter[...]
An amendment adopted by the parliament on July 31st intensifies taxation of real estate r[...]
La pierre comme placement, y avez-vous pensé ? Au-delà de l’achat de la résidence principa[...]
Souscrire un crédit immobilier rime presque toujours avec assurance. Vous avez désormais l[...]
ISF (Impôt Sur la Fortune – Wealth tax)
Mots clés : : réforme, assurance vie, barème, [...]

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