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At the boys’
This quarter a wind of nostalgia floats. The 80s are in vogue, it is fashionable to remember what made us vibrate then… The 45 rpm records, Casimir, the Tang this moderately natural orange juice, the Cluedo! There is a place in Nice where you can read albums of Martine, Tintin, Becassine and treat your taste buds at the same time. Go through the door of the restaurant "Chez les Garçons" and you will instantly lose 30 years!
As soon as you walk through the door of this lair from another time, you are instantly transported to this enchanting universe, from another era. It's a bit like coming to your grandmother's house. Chandeliers with pendants, lampshades, boxes of everything and nothing, shelves crowded with trinkets. Yes, but here, every detail has been thought out, worked on, meticulously calculated. You can only appreciate the effort put into this impeccable staging.
But on our plates, what happens? Born from the Anglo-Saxon concept, the coffee shop, Sam and Fabien, welcome you with full plates. A well-prepared, generous, healthy and revisited cuisine. These two great catering professionals are not at their first try.
Adventurers, they met in Canada in Montreal, but the model was born in Vietnam. Fabien has this Anglo-Saxon culture and a fierce desire to dust off our local restaurant model. Both have this desire to open a restaurant that does not yet exist in our beautiful city. Pokéball… atypical salad, and regressive desserts!!! Here is the menu that inspires. Add to that, a dose of good humor, a dose of relevance, but the genius idea of ​​these two catering UFOs is to put games on every table. Here is the recipe for this guaranteed change of scenery.
As soon as you sit down, how can you resist a game of Uno, a small game of Mikado or domino. Your children forget their mobile phone and the connection is made immediately. I'm not telling you that without tested it! With our teenagers, 14 and 18 old. Improbable... Add to that an inexhaustible source of discussions on the toys of our childhood which furnish the room like the magic tree of Vulli, the covers of LP records of Madonna, Jeanne Mas or the Creole Company... you will also be able to show them “in real life” a Minitel… A whole new world for this generation Z.
But make no mistake, if the concept is great, the real success of the 2 restaurants, one in Niepce street, and the other in the port district, 28 rue Ségurane, is undoubtedly the quality of the dishes served. Local supply, ultra fresh products. Finally, a real good table as we like them at home. Coming to brunch, have lunch or dinner at the boys’ is first and foremost to live a great moment! However, it is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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