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You live in a condominium and you are a little lost? First of all, let us recall that co-ownership applies to “any built immovable or group of built immovables the ownership of which is divided, among several persons, in lots each comprising a private part and a share of common parts.” A syndicate and a trustee are mandatory to any co-ownership. Today we take stock with you of the difference between syndicate of co-owners, syndic and union council.

First, the trustee. This is a natural or legal person responsible for the administrative and financial management of a condominium
The trustee is therefore a service provider FOR the syndicate of co-owners. The trustee is generally an external company except in certain condominiums where he is a volunteer. He ensures that the interests of the co-ownership are respected, ensures the good financial situation of the co-ownership, the good execution of the co-ownership regulation and compliance with the laws and regulations that are applicable to the co-ownership. He is also responsible for carrying out repairs and renovations at the request of the co-owners.
It is appointed in general assembly, organizes and convenes the latter.
In France, the duties and responsibilities of the syndic are governed by the law of 10 July 1965.

The syndicate of co-owners represents all the co-owners of an immovable who have rights and obligations regarding co-ownership.
It is an organization that plays an important role in the management and maintenance of a condominium. Like the syndic, the responsibility of the syndicate of co-owners is to ensure that the co-ownership regulation is respected and that the common interests of the co-owners are protected. Its objective is the conservation, maintenance and improvement of the building and the administration of the common areas. This includes the maintenance of buildings, common areas, gardens and parking spaces, as well as the provision of services such as electricity, water and gas. He is also responsible for ensuring that safety and hygiene standards are respected and for managing all repairs and maintenance work.

It is responsible for damages caused to the co-owners or other members taking place in the common areas.
It meets once a year during the General Assembly, to which all its members without exception are invited.

Finally, the union council is composed of members of the syndicate of co-owners who have been chosen by the others at a general meeting. It is used to assist the trustee in its missions and to monitor the proper implementation. He must be vigilant on certain points such as the accounting, the distribution of expenses, the execution of contracts and the preparation of the provisional budget.
The union council is mandatory except in 3 situations:
If the syndicate of co-owners renounces to constitute a trade union board by vote in general meeting with the double majority known as article 26.
If no candidate presents himself or obtains a majority
If the co-ownership consists of a maximum of 5 lots for residential, office or commercial use or when the average estimated budget of the syndicate of co-owners over a period of 3 consecutive years is less than 15,000 €.
Here you are informed about each role within a condominium. See you soon for more advice immo.



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