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But who is this little Victoria? What is the goal of this association and why is she so dear to our group? Today we answer all these questions.

Victoria is a 10 year old girl who in December 2016 saw her life changed. At the dawn of her 2 years, Victoria contracted pneumococcal meningitis. She was placed in an artificial coma and woke up a few days later with significant neurological sequelae. Doctors were very pessimistic about Victoria’s state of health and its potential for development. But her parents never stopped believing it.

It is here that begins his long fight and that of his parents, Alicia and Maxime. They never gave up and showed unwavering support for their little girl. Moves near rehabilitation center, sequence of sessions, Victoria must start from scratch and relearn everything! A very difficult daily struggle for her and her family. A struggle fueled by certain progress and especially unconditional hope.
The rehabilitation in Spain allowed Victoria to make very clear progress, she changed the life of this little warrior. Nevertheless these internships are very very expensive and not reimbursed by social security.

This is the main objective of the non-profit association. It was created in this sense, to raise funds to allow Victoria to leave 4 weeks a year in Spain at Essentis to improve motor skills/ walking and 4 weeks a year at Grandis-toi to work the cognitive/ communication side.
These specialized centres offer support tailored to the needs of children with disabilities and help them improve their mobility and quality of life.

This association is important to us because Victoria is leading a fight that no child should have to lead. We run for her because she shows us every day how important the mind is, how hope and perseverance pay off! The courage and strength of his parents are also an example for us. Maxime is one of our collaborators, he works at the Cimiez agency and participates in many sporting achievements (Iron man, marathon, etc.) to raise donations for Victoria, he proves to us how essential and primordial the mental is in the realization of these challenges.

We invite you too to help this little warrior by giving to the association via the following link:
All together for Victoria!

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