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The African Queen is undoubtedly the reference restaurant on Beaulieu sur Mer port.  Since 1969, it has been the institution; offering fresh local fish, it is open all year round.  In addition to enjoying delicious food you may come across Bono, Elton John and many more…
Gilbert and Annie Vissian wanted to pay tribute to Gilbert’s grandfather. They decided on a restaurant that would be like him.  That is how “L’Atelier d’Emile” was born in July 2016 on the harbour, facing dream yachts.  Inside, where the atmosphere is warm and friendly, you will see his motorbike pannier rack full of bottles of vermouth.  Maybe still full?
The state of mind is unchanged: love for good produces, home made, respect for the nature of produces, all is here and updated as a supplement. L’Atelier d’Emile is a way of life; it is audacity combined to elegance.  So, if you decide on a mojito you’ll be surprised by its originality and appearance.  However changing the must have like the Croque Monseur au Comté et à la Truffe or the Daube niçoise à la joue de boeuf is out of the question.  No way!  As you see, “L’Atelier d’Emile” is an ode to the family’s values.  Angélique, Annie and Gilbert’s daughter, had to find her place and her way of expressing herself. And she did.  She concocted a tiramisu that is prepared under your eyes and that really is a strong point…
Angelique has proved her worth in this nearly all male job and she is determined to write a new chapter in the saga of her family.  So, she is learning the trade with patience and humility.  This talented and brave woman is taking the reins of the “African Queen” now and may one day be steering the boat on her own…
Even though the menu is a hit, it is absolutely impossible for this hard working family to cross their arms and wait. So, the menu changes every other week.  The dishes are imagined and created to perfection by the chef Olivier Bellone with the help of Nicolas Landes.  Their daily special combines originality and delight and its quality-price ratio is excellent.
The service is in keeping with the family’s state of mind.  Not only does Gregory know the job but also he loves it! In a few simple words he will make your mouth water.
In this hotspot of culinary art the atmosphere is warm, generous and simply unique.  Having a meal there is like being invited in the family.  Have a try and enjoy delicious food and a great experience.