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Recently, we met Anthony Alberti, a real gentleman, an artist with an unusual background, hard working and intent on doing the job.  Mister One Teas, an example of street art as a way of life.
In his teens, Anthony Alberti passed his baccalaureate with maths as his main subject. That meant he had already found his path, he would study Science and Maths.  But, when he was 19, a car accident put an end to it. He was immobilized and that was the day when his destiny changed dramatically.  A friend of his asked Anthony to go with him and tag some place.  Anthony was unable to draw.  He then made a point of honour to learn drawing one way or another.  He tried and tried again and again determined to master the subject and eventually he discovered he had a passion for it.  “I was 20 and was unable to paint.  From then on, I have never stopped”
I wonder why he chose his alias.  Is Teas Tease? Teasing, isn’t it?  However after meeting him and his artwork, after listening to his philosophy of life, I seem to understand better.  Although he his under 30, he somehow considers the world and our society in an idealistic way but in the end he is realistic about them.  He prefers humour to the anger that sometimes takes hold of him, which, to me, is a proof of wisdom and intelligence.
Mister One Teas painted his first wall in Toulon and hundreds followed all over the world, according to the messages he intended to pass.  Those are very important to him.  He is committed to life in the city.  His artwork combines all the means and techniques of visual arts and is getting more and more diverse.
When I asked him what the difference is between a tag and a graffiti, he first looked a bit amused but he explained it to me very kindly.
A tag is a signature, an origin tribe mark.  A graff is a painted representation made with an aerosol.
A self-made man with an immense work: between 2005, when he started, and 2011, he painted over 800 murals in New York, Chicago, Brussels, Zurich, Prague and Moscow among others, in his favourite spots: derelict places.
His studio is in a splendid place at Roquebrune Cap Martin.  Anthony Alberti has given street art a new dimension.  He is at the same time a graffiti artist, a painter, a photographer and a sculptor, as many sides of Mister One Teas art practice.  With deliberate humour he defines himself as an oncoming artist…

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