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On learning that we were going to write a paper on Gérard Holtz in this issue, we were overjoyed.
Why so? First of all, everyone in our country, in particular people in their forties and fi fties, have the strange feeling that he is family. Indeed, he brightened up our youth on the TV program “Stade 2”, then, on the Paris-Dakar race and none of us can mention the “Tour de France” without thinking of him. Our big brothers all wanted to become sports journalists or TV sports reporters.
We, girls were under the charm of his smile, his warm melodious voice and his gentle eyes.
We could have looked into the Internet and told you about our fi nds except that, to our  reatest pleasure, Gérard happens to be today Mister! A victory for the feminists who rest in our hearts, Gérard is husband to Muriel Mayette-Holtz, the present director of the “Théâtre National de Nice”. That is how we were lucky enough to be introduced to Mister Gérard Holtz. We have the story.
When we fi rst met at the TNN, (other times, other customs, when we still enjoyed live performances) Muriel introduced us to her husband who welcomed us with open arms and a friendly smile.
The TV star asked us lots of questions, wanted to know who we were, what our job was, etc.…not out of politeness. No, Gérard is an altruist.
He will listen to the person he is speaking to with genuine interest. A rare moment of bliss!
He is totally loquacious on sports of course, but also on general knowledge. He has that little extra so unusual and rare that changes the person he is speaking to. Gérard is a passionate person, he loves people, he loves life and he loves his wife.
As for the theatre, his dreams come true: acting. He plays at the TNN to our greatest delight but he is no debutant actor. When a young man, he was torn between journalism and acting. Life gave him an important career on TV but he studied both law and comedy at the famous “Cours Simon” in Paris. He played in “Le Mariage Forcé” by Molière, “Le Fil à la Patte” by Feydeau, and “Le jeu de l’amour et du hazard” by Marivaux and staged by Muriel Mayette-Holtz. So we proclaim Mister Gérard Holtz is a great man. He combines humility and joie de vivre, gratitude and the looks
of a romantic male lead.
He is keen to learn, he appreciates the simple joys of life and he loves handing down. And today we are lucky enough to have Gérard Holtz in our beautiful town, Nice. So, whom do we
thank? Muriel!

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