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Here are your obligations depending on the situation you find yourself in:

The tenant has no right of pre-emption and will continue to pay his rent to the new owner. 
The only exception to this right of pre-emption is that if the entire building belongs to you alone, you must put the building in co-ownership before the first sale. In this case, for the first sale made after the co-ownership, your tenant has a right of pre-emption.

Important to know:
Remember to put a visitation clause in your lease. Indeed, thanks to this clause, if during the resale, you have a recalcitrant tenant, the latter will then have the obligation to let you visit the property two hours a day outside Sunday. 
You must first notify your tenant of your intention to sell at least six months before the end of the lease (if you are out of time you will have to wait for the next renewal of the lease).This notification must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by way of bailiff.
This is called a "leave to sell" and the latter is worth an offer to sell to the tenant.
Your tenant can buy the property. 
This is what this notification must contain:
- Reason for the leave (to sell)
- Price and conditions of sale of the rented accommodation and its possible rented annexes (parking, ...)
- Precise description of the housing and its possible rented annexes (but it is not mandatory to indicate the area of the housing)
- Statement of the first 5 paragraphs of II of Article 15 of the Law of 6 July 1989,  which indicate the conditions of the offer of sale to the tenant The letter of leave must be accompanied by the information notice relating to the obligations of the lessor and the remedies and compensation of the tenant.

Be careful to notify the leave to each of the signatories of the lease and to the spouses even if only one of the two is a signatory. 
Once informed, the tenant has a period of two months to give his response. He can accept, refuse or negotiate the offer (he loses his priority in the latter case). 
Note that if you find a buyer at a lower price than that announced to the tenant, you must inform him and he will then have one month to accept or refuse this new offer.  
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