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Are you looking to buy a property? Why not take advantage of MLS?
Indeed, when selling a property, we strongly recommend that the seller choose the exclusive mandate! 

On the one hand because it provides many advantages. By signing with us, you benefit from the services of our 10 agencies and 50 employees.
In addition, exclusively, we are committed to implement a whole arsenal of promotion of your property (publication in the real estate press, display, panel, professional photos, highlighting the good on the various platforms and many others). 

On the other hand, you also benefit from all the advantages of a simple mandate since your property will be offered to a wide range of potential buyers through the MLS.

But the MLS that you will tell us? 

The association MLS COTE D'AZUR is an association of real estate professionals, all brands combined. Its objective is to highlight the exclusive mandate but in a multi-broadcast manner.
Each MLS member agency can offer its clients all the exclusive properties of its colleagues.
The MLS COTE D'AZUR represents no less than 450 agencies in the ALPES MARITIMES.

Concretely, it is a computer file where the real estate agents joining the association pool all their exclusive mandates. This database is accessible to all agencies, whether or not they are independent or members of a commercial or franchise network.

This service is completely free for our clients because it is financed by contributions from the various real estate professionals. In the event of a transaction, the two agencies (seller and buyer) concerned share the commission.

The advantage of this association is that you have a single contact! 

If you are a buyer, you don’t need to spend days touring local agencies and if you are a seller, your property is much more likely to be sold quickly. The asset must be placed on the platform within 48 hours of the signature of the mandate, all partner agencies can have access to it and present it to their clients. So this is the ideal! 

So, if you have a real estate project whether it is a purchase or a sale, do not wait any longer and make us your single contact! 


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