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Century 21 Lafage Transactions takes stock with you on condominium fees.

Century 21 Lafage Transactions takes stock with you on condominium fees.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant in a condominium, you pay charges.

Several types of charges:
- Current and exceptional charges.  They are the responsibility of the owner quarterly according to his share (tantième) in the form of calls for funds and cover the current expenses of the condominium (operating, maintenance and improvement expenses).  They are provided for in the provisional budget which is voted each year at the General Meeting of the co-owners.

Exceptional fees are not included in the provisional budget but are entered at the general meeting. This is, for example, a renovation project. 

- Rental or recoverable charges.
If the property is rented, part of the condominium charges is recoverable!   You will therefore be able to recover from your tenant the charges of caretaker, elevators, cold / hot water, collective heating, outdoor spaces, indoor common areas, household waste tax for example.  These are the amounts ancillary to the rent.

Often they are presented in the form of provisions for charges in leases and are regularized once a year by comparing the total provisions requested and the expenses actually incurred by the owner. In case of overpayment, the owner must pay the amount in question to the tenant and, conversely, he is free to ask for a supplement. The information must be communicated to the tenant one month before the annual regularization. Provisions can be adjusted annually.  

Our Century 21 Lafage Transactions group also offers a trustee service. If you want to get a quote for your condominium, contact us at 04 93 07 16 16.

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