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In the Canatella family, I ask Serge, no need to present him to you, you meet him regularly in our columns. We admit it, we are fans. The Villa d'Este is him, Babbo Mio still him, Di più always him. Who has never had lunch, dined in one of these establishments, or has never passed next to one of the most authentic addresses in Nice.

During the period of confinement, Serge was, like all of us, at home. It made him think, paced round. So he created! His reflections lead him on the path of the human, the heart of his business, his customers. He wondered what he could bring them more and better. So he developed a global concept. An establishment that would be hybrid. A place where it would be possible according to one’s desires to have breakfast, to have an aperitif, to have lunch, to drink a coffee,  to have a drink or to have dinner. He looked for the perfect place in Nice and naturally turned to the Cours Saleya, emblematic promenade of tourists and timeless spot, mandatory passage also for all Nice people from 7 to 99 years.

He immediately went in search of the ideal place, imagined his concept from A to Z and when the end of the lockdown arrived, he was ready. From May 2021 on the Cours as they say here, the "Mamma mia “ was born. Located in the heart of Cours Saleya, for insiders or locals, it is not totally an unknown establishment. Serge bought the former "Ponchettes" a local institution.

Why open an establishment that is  unlike  any  other in the group?

“During this incredible period of our history I realized that our needs would fly, even momentarily we would need to go out, very eager to forget this period and to meet, to exchange, to see each other, to enjoy taking time together and that throughout the day. That's why at Mamma Mia we are open from 9 am serving breakfasts, until 1 am to finish the evening in complete serenity. »

Does this red color have any meaning?

"It's actually the original color of the old establishment. It was also a nod to our youth. Today in my different restaurants I start to receive the children of my first customers, my friends. When the generation of quadras or quinquas comes to Mamma Mia very often they tell me an anecdote that they lived within these walls. It remains in the collective memory an emblematic place of Nice. And for young adults I notice that it is the same story, even today we go out on the Cours and I must admit that it is moving for me. I am pleased to welcome these young people. »

Mamma Mia has 250 seats on the terrace. A huge capacity but a very strict budget to satisfy young students for example. The mojito is 7 euros. The signature dish: obviously the pasta that is unique and certainly the best in the area. Pasta with lobsters is irresistible but will never dethrone in the heart of the youth of Nice the legendary rigatonis!

This establishment that Serge has taken over shows his philosophy. Empathy, listening and above all kindness for his customers. A discreet charm, a sure value. So,
promise to try and go there, you will come out enchanted...


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