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As every year, April marks the beginning of the tax campaign. As a result, you must now report your 2022 income on the online filing service. All you have to do is go to your «particular» space on and let yourself be guided.

In the Alpes Maritimes you have until Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 11:59 pm to make your declaration online. 
NB, if you are unable to report online, you can do so in hard copy and in that case you have until Monday, May 22, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

Century 21 Lafage Transactions provides you with an update on what’s changing this year:
 First, we talked about it in a previous article, you must make your declaration of occupancy of your units before June 30, 2023 using the service «Manage my real estate».
Revaluation of the 5.4% tax schedule due to current inflation so as not to penalize employees who had a wage increase in 2022 in order to compensate for the increase in the cost of living.
As a reminder, here are the 5 tax bands:
•   Up to €10,777 (tranche 1): 0% tax rate;
•   €10,778 to €27,478 (tranche 2): 11% tax rate;
•   €27,479 to €78,570 (tranche 3): 30% tax rate;
•   €78,571 to €168,994 (tranche 4): 41% tax rate;
•   Over €168,994 (bracket 5): 45% tax rate.

- energy renovation expenditure must be incurred between 1 January 2023 and 31 December 2025.
The annual tax on vacant housing increases to 17% for the first year of vacancy and to 34% for subsequent years.

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Revaluation of the schedule of costs of kilometers in increase of 5.4%. In the same way to compensate the increase of costs. Only if you declare your actual business expenses. Also, in order to promote its use, in case of option for the actual costs, you can declare the carpool costs.
The threshold for deducting overtime has been increased from €5,000 to €7,500.
Exemption from gratuities for hotel and restaurant employees. Therefore, you do not have to report them only if you receive a monthly salary less than or equal to 1.6 smic.
Tax credit of 50% of the corresponding charges for childcare expenses under the age of 6 within the limit of an annual ceiling. The maximum amount of expenditure increases to €3,500 per child, an increase of 52.2%. The maximum amount of the tax credit for childcare expenses is increased by the same amount, that is, 1,750 euros per dependent child and 875 euros per child in alternate care.
Abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting.
Since January 1, 2023, landlords in Professional or Non-Professional Furnished Rentals are dependent on the Micro-CIB scheme as long as their land receipts are less than or equal to 77,700 euros.
For tourist furnished rentals, the ceiling is increased from 176 200€ to 188 600€. If a landlord owns several tourist furnished rentals (3 or more), he will be forced to switch to the real regime and will no longer be able to benefit from the Micro-BIC regime.
The Pinel scheme will see its tax benefit reduced from 2023 according to the 6-year commitment period (10.5%), 9-year (15%) and 12-year (17.5%) with a maximum reduction per commitment period of €31,500, €45,000 and €52,500. In 2024, rates will increase to 9%, 12% and 14% respectively with maximum amounts of €27,000, €36,000 and €42,000. To benefit from the 2022 Pinel rates (12%, 18% and 21%), you must use a Pinel+ investment that targets two types of housing programs: in priority neighbourhoods of the city’s policy and the leading housing in terms of environmental and quality of use (minimum living area fixed according to the housing typology, same for the size of the outdoor spaces, a double exposure for dwellings of T3 and more).” Anne-Claire Robic
The Denormandie, Malraux and Loc'avantages devices are renewed.
The Censi-Bouvard scheme, which supported investors in residence services for students, seniors or EHPAD, new, VEFA or more than 15 years renovated, disappears.
The land deficit ceiling is doubled to €21,400 only if you meet these three conditions:
-The land deficit must be the result of energy renovation expenditure;
- the real property being worked on must change from an energy performance class E, F or G to an energy class A, B, C or D, under conditions defined by decree (a DPE must be established upstream and downstream of the work performed)


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