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Le Bistrot Gourmand
If this restaurant name does not speak to you, perhaps you know what we are talking about by evoking the old name of this institution in Nice: Chez Rolando.

Full of history and memories for some, Chez Rolando was The place to be in the past. Located 3 rue Desboutin, this restaurant welcomes personalities, stars and no ables of the Nice basin, this table of anthology was starred, thanks to the chef Patrick Vaqué who obtained his star in 2012. Patrick loves French cuisine and decides to restore the image of «cocottes», with his wife Laurence, they are now in charge of the Cocottes françaises in Saint Laurent du Var.

The Bistrot Gourmand is now under the direction of a young couple of restaurateurs who honour the name and reputation of the establishment they took over almost 3 years ago. They were able to maintain their spirit, white tablecloths, silverware, quality of service and cooking. They brought this touch of modernity that makes the table as famous as ever. Current decor, subdued lights, warm atmosphere, both relaxed and jovial, yes definitely we feel good.

A «À la française» service, a short supply chain, fresh products and a menu featuring noble and refined dishes, which are cooked according to the rules. The menu changes according to the seasons, but never comes back. Dishes always innovative, seasonal with the great basics of cooking. All this makes the Bistrot Gourmand worthy of its title of Master Restaurateur. A title reserved for the Elite de la restauration.

These talented and daring young people have more recently opened a new establishment, a brewery this time, Le café noir, located 1 rue de l'Opéra, is a brewery spirit that is being showcased, with cult dishes like frog legs, onion soup, and like any brewery worthy of the name, it is open all day, you can enjoy a breakfast with incredible pastries, a selection of teas, and Friday night live music that makes it harder to leave than to arrive!

They met in Paris, then lived in Mexico for 3 years, and finally put their suitcase in our city. Why? But it is not a legend, Nice is one of the most beautiful cities and where it is possible to ski and come to a beach in full sun in less than 2 hours drive…. Few places in the world offer this possibility, this setting, this sweetness. Yes it is the quality of life of our city that has seduced.

Here are 2 addresses that we deliver to you as a treasure to share but especially to adopt. Yes, places that are so qualitative, so full of passion and attention that it is always a real pleasure for the Petit Immo team to share it with you. Don’t forget to book!!! And Bon appétit...

Sunday, April 21, 2024 is the return of the iconic international half marathon of Nice!
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