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This quarter, we present our favorite.
A place that speaks to the people of Nice, many of us have left a little of our childhood, our youth, nostalgia sometimes….
This setting was in turn a haven for the promotion of Nice artists and writers, then turned to exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photography and dance shows.

Resolutely artistic in the broad sense of the term, it is today multidisciplinary and transversal for our greatest pleasure.

Meeting with an enthusiastic director who is involved in the life of this place which is a bit the home of each of us. Emmanuelle Fighiera has an atypical background within the services of the town hall of Nice. She moved from communication, to international relations, then to the Human Resources Department, she worked at the Mediterranean University Center, and at 109, it is with a complete and relevant background that she becomes Head of Art Establishment, the New Centre of Arts and Culture & Espace Ferrero.

L'Artistique opens its doors after several years of closure at the end of October 2019, with a committed Head of Establishment, its mission does not stop to lead its team of 6 people, nor to highlight the donation of 853 works of Jean Ferrero. It administers this arts and culture centre for the quarterly programming of consumer conferences in the 140-seat auditorium, hosts the Cinéroman Festival, seeks partnerships with cultural institutions, it rents the auditorium which is a space made available to external actors for screenings, debates, meetings, always around culture.

The Artistic entrance is located in the heart of the city at 27 boulevard Dubouchage.
Climb the few steps, the lobby is already a place of exhibition. A permanent exhibition to visit free of charge which consists of the donation of the collection of Jean Ferrero. When you cross the entrance with the works of the ABC of the School of Nice, I speak of Arman, Ben and César, the must-sees, you arrive in the auditorium, a scene in a white and gold frame, which can only amaze you! A room on a human scale that makes all its charm. A discreet place, full of history, full of charm and humour as well.
A team motivated, smiling and passionate about this place, its mission that will make this past moment a real memory.

We do not say it enough, the museums of our city, the cultural places are not only for passers-by, tourists or insiders, but for ALL the Nice.
Push the door of the Artistic, dare, come discover, meet, visit, all pretexts are good…

Sunday, April 21, 2024 is the return of the iconic international half marathon of Nice!
From 22 to 27 April 2024 see you at the National Theatre of Nice!
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