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Nice is known and recognized for the relevance of its incubator of artists. Certified place worldwide, it is the cradle of great names. In Petit Immo, we regularly talk to you about one of them. Without distinction of age or current.

Today it is a young artist, an artist who is at the beginning of his path. A street artist who puts joy, color and good mood in your life.
BARNABE, whose real name is Pierre Emmanuel Rome, is part of this rising youth that is a pleasure to see and watch. Hardworking, serious and inspired he already exhibits around the world. Brushes, stencils, bombs, like many it began with collages in the street. But in the face of the enthusiasm generated by his work, he decides to go online. His secret, his generosity, his empathy for others, he loves his neighbor spontaneously, and loves to give happiness. His universe is populated by cheerful, cheerful and fresh little men.

From her canvases spring colors that do a lot of good! His signature, a very nice little ghost, recognizable and identifiable symbol, that he walks on his canvases and puts in his galaxy that we cannot help but dive into while watching his works. Where’d that little guy come from? It is inspired by the Snapchat app, a well-known symbol of teenagers, and a lot of stars of our childhood, we the quinquas, such as a pink panther, a Mickey, smurfs or American flags.

A warm universe filled with warm and comforting colors. A bath of well-being and youth what happiness!!!

What is the secret of this undisputed success? The art of BARNABE is extremely unifying, it brings together as much the young public, dazzled by its colors, the tenderness that emerges, as the adults from which it emerges and updates our heroes, who, we note with great happiness have not taken a single wrinkle them! BARNABE makes a point of honor to make his works and his art accessible to the greatest number, to initiate the novice, or to please the informed collector, nobody remains marble facing his universe.

Once again we are given the opportunity to present an artist from Nice, yes our beautiful region shines all over the world and it is always a real pleasure to introduce you an artist, a young and a Nice!
If you hear the sound of the name of BARNABE run to see, an enchanting world stretches before you ….

Sunday, April 21, 2024 is the return of the iconic international half marathon of Nice!
From 22 to 27 April 2024 see you at the National Theatre of Nice!
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