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Are you interested in a property you have just visited and would like to submit an offer to the owner?
Century 21 Lafage Transactions answers all your questions.

"What is an offer to purchase?"
The offer to purchase makes it possible to express, in writing, the conditions under which the buyer wishes to acquire the property he has just visited.

This document must be precise and must contain at least the name of the property, the date of the offer, the price fixed by the buyer, the name of the latter and the period of validity of the offer.

We can also add the funding plan. Whether the buyer wants to buy with a condition precedent for obtaining a loan or whether he wants to buy with his own money or whether he has to sell a good to finance this purchase.

The amount of the security deposit may also appear on the offer, as well as the desired date of possession or the planning authorisations that the buyer wishes to obtain.
Please note, however, that no money must be paid to the seller at the time of the offer to purchase. The security deposit will be paid only at the time of signing the sale agreement.

“Who can sign an offer to purchase?”
Everyone, from the moment you have the legal capacity to sign the sale agreement and the deed.

“How long is an offer?”
Usually the duration of an offer and from one to two weeks, but you choose.
Please note that if the duration is not indicated on the offer to purchase and there is a conflict, the judge will determine the duration.

“Can you withdraw after you sign an offer?”
Legally, once the offer has been received by the seller, you can no longer withdraw from the offer for the duration of its validity.
If your offer is accepted by the seller, you can withdraw only after the sale agreement is signed, within 10 calendar days. 
If your offer is refused you are released from this undertaking.
If your offer is the subject of a counter-proposal by the seller, your initial offer is void, so you are no longer engaged.
Attention, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the seller. If the seller accepts your offer to purchase, he agrees to sell and he can no longer change his mind. It must stop visits to the property by other prospective buyers.

“Can the seller refuse an offer at the price?”
No, he cannot refuse an offer if it is at the asking price.

You know everything about the offer to purchase and if you still hesitate know that the best thing is to go through a real estate agency in order to avoid any hassle. We would be happy to accompany you in your projects and advise you on everything that makes our job.

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