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The Century 21 network

CENTURY 21 in France
1st Network of real estate agencies in the world, CENTURY 21 federates in France nearly 900 branches and offices, and includes 5 500 people involved in the services of the transaction (residential new and old, business and trade), management rental and condominium management throughout the country.

Established in 1987, CENTURY 21 Network has experienced a strong increase gradually through the rigorous application of management methods and quality control.

Our connection with the Nexity group allows our network to offer its customers a broader range of products and services and benefit from new development vision.
Nexity, first actor in integrated real estate businesses.
To make possible the projects of its clients, Nexity includes all real estate trades and services. Nexity is now the only french estate actor capable of providing an overall response to individuals, businesses, institutional investors and local communities.
By combining their specialties, Nexity is now able to propose an integrated offer to every client, from conception to completion, fitting to the financing of their projects.
Implemented throughout the national territory, Nexity is also present in Europe.
To purchase a principale residence or for investment in Scellier law, Nexity supports its customers from A to Z for their project in new housing.

The CENTURY 21 network in a few figures:
  • 49 700 compromises of sales achieved in 2010
  • Nearly 900 branches including 460 providing the services of property management (130 000 lots in rental management, 70 000 lots of condominiums, 45 000 rentings)
  • 65 outlets specializing in professionnal real estate involving more than 320 employees for this activity.
  • 88% of awareness (CSA survey, October 2010, with a representative sample of French aged 18 and older.)
  • Nearly 14,000 days of training were provided to 2000 students who came to follow an internship at the headquarters of Century 21 France in 2010.
  • Nearly 60,000 properties for sale and for rent on our site and updated in real time. (including 5000 new homes)

Century 21 France SAS
Stock company with a capital of 1.838.601 Euros
3, rue des Cévennes - Building D
Petite Montagne Sud - CE 1701
91 017 EVRY Cedex LISSES
RCS EVRY B 339 510 695
Our Range of Services
CENTURY 21, who knows as well ?
With the CENTURY 21 ® Network, Quality Daily
In a market where supply exceeds demand sometimes, what are the criteria of choice for consumers? The price of course, but, increasingly, the quality of service. The true professional is one that combines the best product at the best service.
To meet these two requirements and maximize customer satisfaction sellers, buyers, Landlords, tenants or owners, Century 21 France has designed and implemented:
  • Training courses.
    All members of the CENTURY 21 Network receive regular training on the quality of service.
  • Minimum quality standards.
    Because the quality of service must be steady, regardless of the Agency or the Office contacted the CENTURY 21 Network has established minimum quality standards.
  • Efficient tools for quality control.
    To measure at any time, customer satisfaction and identify areas of progress, Century 21 France has established various quality control tools presented in the form of surveys and questionnaires.
This questioning and this ongoing commitment to better satisfy you now put the CENTURY 21 network in the first place of marks in real estate services *.
* Polls BVA, CSA and LH2 May 2008: 81% to 84% of global fame
All Real Estate Services
Former Housing
New Housing
Rental Management
Condominium Management
Holidays Rental
Professionnal Estate
"Our clients deserve and will receive the best
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