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As part of the world's leading real estate network, Century 21 Lafage Transactions Group ranks at the highest level in French real estate by being the best Century 21 agency in France since 2012. This success is due to our team of collaborators who are constantly listening to our clients and our skills in all areas of Real Estate: real estate valuation, residential and commercial transactions, new real estate, rental management and condominium management, year-round rental and holiday rental. This real estate expertise is now at your service if you wish to buy a property on the French Riviera. We will be at your side for a personalized study of your situation. Translated with
Life annuity principles
The life annuity is a real opportunity to invest in real estate. We must forget the dusty image and the clichés we may have about the life annuity to consider this transaction as a real opportunity for both the buyer and the seller.
A life annuity, what is it? This involves buying a property in which the purchaser (the debirituary) pays a monthly annuity - known as a life annuity - to the seller (the crédirentier) for the life of the latter. The buyer does not need to pay the full amount on the day of purchase and the seller is guaranteed to receive an annuity (real additional income) until the end of his life while remaining in his home. As with any real estate sale, the buyer bears the notary fees.
Lifetime benefits
This transaction represents an advantage both for the buyer who forms a real estate asset while staggering his payment and for the seller who is assured of staying in his house or apartment, while building up a retirement supplement. In addition, there are tax advantages for the creditor.
Like any deed of sale, the life annuity is subject to rules and is validated by a notarial deed. The price is generally composed of a bouquet and an annuity. The bouquet is the part that the buyer pays cash at the time of sale (usually 40% of the value of the property). The amount of the monthly annuity is determined via a calculation table according to criteria (the value of the property, but also the seller's age and the amounts he could receive if he rented his property).
A resolutory clause allows the seller to secure payments: if the buyer no longer pays annuities, this clause allows the seller to take back his property. Likewise, it may reserve the right to keep the bouquet in the event of termination of the sale.
Sale in free life annuity
It is also possible for the buyer to occupy (or rent) the property if he buys the property as a free life annuity. Here again, there are two advantages: the buyer can immediately enjoy his home and the seller receives a higher monthly annuity than in an occupied life annuity.
Acheter en viager sur la Côte d’Azur
There are extraordinary opportunities for those who want to invest in stone on the French Riviera, from Menton to Cagnes-sur-Mer via Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, Nice or Antibes. Whether it is for an apartment in a secure residence in the city, a life annuity in the countryside or a villa by the sea, our team of experts will assist you throughout your journey to become a homeowner.
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